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Achim Pohl, born in 1960, and Tomas Fiegl,
born in 1966, met while studying industrial design at Fachhochschule Darmstadt.
In 1989 they founded the design office “ArteFakt” industriekultur”.

Through their cooperation, they have won numerous design competition awards and launched many successful products at the international level. By concentrating on their core competence in “industrial design,” the ArteFakt team, which has grown to ten people, guarantees a high-level of technical expertise on all matters concerning product development.

One of ArteFakt’s core areas of competence is to create new products in the area of “wellness & beauty” and they have a long standing collaboration with Ideal Standard (total bathroom).  Ranges they have designed include Glance Welcome for JADO, Daylight and the Senses shower kits which will be launched across Europe in July. Other companies ArteFakt works for in the area of “wellness & beauty” are JK ERGOLINE (sun- and massage devices) and JOHNSON & JOHNSON (bodycare series). ArteFakt also collaborates with companies like DaimlerChrysler, Gillette, LOEWEopta. In addition to their work as designers, Achim Pohl and Tomas Fiegl teach and take part in lectures and discussion groups on the topics of product design.

Statement “Design and Everyday Culture” or: “Should the ordinary be beautiful?”
Outside the highly stylised and synthetic world of glossy print magazines there are the ordinary things that shape and represent a culture. According to their corporate philosophy “simplicity-sensuality-constancy”, AreFakt aims to create products that are ‘part’ of a whole. Products that are self-confidently integrated and don’t subordinate themselves and that due to their discipline strike a balance between form and function and encounter general acceptance far beyond cultural boundaries.

ALAPE, AMERICAN STANDARD / IDEAL STANDARD, ARRI,  BRAUN, DaimlerChrysler, ESCHENBACH optik, Gillette, GE-Plastics, Hansa, HOESCH, JK Ergoline, Johnson&Johnson, KEUCO, KUSCH, LOEWEopta, MWG biotech, Oral B, Planmöbel, SIEMENS, WK-Wohnen

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