Non-Res team strides towards Demand Creation

Non-Res team strides towards Demand Creation

Growing non-residential business across Europe is one of our Five Strategic Thrusts. Over the past months a dedicated team has been defining the steps and implementing the systems to enable us to create demand for ISI products and ensure that we are a leading contender when bathroom contracts are being influenced or awarded.
Thanks to this work, 12,897 non-residential projects have been identified and are being tracked across our EMEA business.
The project upgrade started in March, when Business Leaders and representatives from both Internal and External Sales from France, UK, Italy, Ireland, Scandinavia, Netherlands and Belgium participated in two workshops in Armitage, UK. The team mapped our current processes and Customer Relationship Management structure (CRM) and defined the project scope to enable a consistent, harmonised pan-European approach for winning non-residential business.

“The goal is to improve the way we manage the ISI sales pipeline within SAP CRM, and capture both internal and external sales intelligence and sales opportunities on a project by project basis,” said Gustavo Minacci who is leading the Non-Residential project.  “What makes this approach powerful is that we are combining the management of customer relationships with intelligence about specific construction projects, to empower Sales Teams to know where and when major sales opportunities occur. It’s about making sure we have the relationships with influencers such as developers, architects and designers early on in the process, so our products are specified at the design stage.”
And capturing sales intelligence in the SAP CRM system is crucial to ensure that our sales teams have access to the information they need to pursue sales opportunities in the non-residential segment. The ISI system, which has been developed by the ISI OASIS team led by Loris Dal Magro, Sales and Marketing IT Director, is designed to do just that.
In April and May User Acceptance Training (UAT) and CRM Business Training sessions were hosted by Steve Sweetman, Sales Director Non-Residential Markets – EMEA, and led by Non-Residential project team members, Alison Tilsley,  Demand Creation Process Manager – EMEA and Angela Millbery, Estimating Manager – UK.

‘Hands on’ testing  in the April session, by Mamdouh Ibrahim, Sales Manager, Samir Elsayed, Projects Manager, Shoushet Ibrahim, Project Support, from Egypt  and Veronica Glavina, Project Business Support Coordinator, Italy allowed the Egyptian team to ‘Go Live’ within SAP CRM on the target date of 10th May.



During the second User Acceptance Training (UAT) and CRM Business Training in May, Lars Hutjens, Bente Poulson, Nicola Ignoti, Romain Thenard, Olivier Tardy,  Naima Jraifrin, and Pascale Boutonnet representing the Netherlands, Scandinavia and France, supported by the CRM OASIS Team, brought their combined experience of internal and external sales, business support and pricing to identify further business and systems improvements.
“These sessions will be replicated for all countries across EMEA in the coming months,” said Steve Sweetman. “The enthusiasm and commitment demonstrated by all the participants are crucially important to build these internal sales teams.  This network is designed to work ‘hand in glove’ with the external sales team to enable the full implementation of a Demand Creation strategy and a passion to WIN!!!!”

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