Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom Furniture

Continuing our commitment to providing innovative products and designs and in appreciation of your needs for both beauty and functionality. we have expanded our range with our new Bianca vanity basins in two sizes (87 cm – 110 cm) made from the highest quality vitreous china.Ideal Standard is proud to stand behind these unique designs, manufactured under the most demanding Ideal Standard specifications.


Wall mounted Furniture guest basin 50cm.

وحدة موبيليا معلقة لحوض تونك جيست 50 سم

G 2147 (Furniture)


Wall mounted Venice basin Furniture box 109x55cm, available in color beech.

وحدة موبيليا معلقة 109×55 سم لحوض فينيس متوفر فى لون ( زان )

G 2109 (Furniture)


Basin furniture 90×40 cm – for independent oval 50×45 basin, available in beech color.

وحدة موبيليا 90×40 لحوض إندبندنت بيضاوى، متوفرة فى لون (زان ).

G 2190


Basin furniture 93×45 cm (for rectangular and square basins) available in beech color.

وحدة موبيلبا (لحوض اندبندنت مستطيل أو مربع) 45X93 متوفرة فى لون (زان ).

G 2193


Wall mounted Tonic Basin Furniture box 75×45 cm, available in beech  color.

وحدة موبيليا معلقة لحوض تونك 45X75 سم متوفرة فى لون (زان ).

G 2175 Tonic Furniture
G 2280 Mirror
G 2275 Vertical Furniture
G 2281 Shelf
G 2282 Drawer


Basin furniture for Tonic Guest basin 60cm right or lift.

وحدة موبيليا لحوض تونك جست 60 سم يمين او شمال

G 2146 (Furniture)

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