Ceratherm 50 - Ideal Standard International Egypt
Ceratherm 50

Ceratherm 50

The new Ceratherm 50, thermostatic wall mounted bath / shower mixer means unlimited pleasure. Warm water flows at your favorite temperature to revive and indulge your body without making you wait. Maximum durability and optimal ease of use are all guranteed with by idealstandard quality. Relax as you are immersed in pure enjoyment.


Single-lever, ceramic-disk, exposed-wall, shower fitting with cast brass body. Will fit with most shower hose

خلاط دش ثيرموستات ذو مقبضين واحد للتحكم فى درجة حرارة المياة والثانى للفتح والغلق قلب سيراميك مناسب للتركيب مع جميع مجموعات الدش و المساطر

A 4508

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