With their modern, streamlined look CONNECT TM bathtub blends harmoniously with the rest of the range. A choice of sizes and shapes, as well as a lower step-in height for easier access, bring heightened comfort and personalized bathing pleasure.


GA719 CONNECT 180×80
GA718 CONNECT 170×80
GA717 CONNECT 170×75
GA010 CONNECT 170 x 70
GA716 CONNECT 150×70
GA715 CONNECT 140×70
G8645 Panel 180 cm       جانب 180 سم
G8694 Panel 170 cm       جانب 170 سم
G8757 Panel 150 cm       جانب 150 سم
G8555 Panel 140 cm       جانب 140 سم

G8746 Small panel 80 cm right or left       جانب 80 سم يمين أو شمال
G8641 Small panel 75 cm right or left       جانب 75 سم يمين أو شمال
G8570 Small panel 70 cm right or left       جانب 70 سم يمين أو شمال

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