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Ideal Standard is committed to providing variety in product designs, giving a wide range of options to suit your personal interior design tastes. Our Contour™ corner, bathing tub is designed to fit in a 125x125cm – 135x135cm space and still gives you a generous bathing area. This tub also features an integrated seat and our contour perimeter shape.

Note:  Available in whirlpool systems  يتوفر كمساج


Contour 125 x 125cm
135 x 135cm bathing tub.
بانيو كونتور 125 × 125 سم
135 × 135 سم.

Contour side panel.
جانب لبانيو كونتور

Contour 135 cm side Panel
جانب لبانيو كونتور135 سم

G 8897
G 8715

G 8707

GA 400

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