Credo - Ideal Standard International Egypt


Ideal Standard provides a variety of tub sizes to meet most installation needs. Our Credo™ corner bathing tub features a design-integrated seat with extra depth as well as a generous bathing area, but will fit neatly into a 130, 135, 140cm corner area.

Note:  Available in whirlpool systems  يتوفر كمساج


Credo bathing tub.

بانيو كريدو

G 8782 ( 140 x 140cm )

G 8710 ( 135 x 135cm )

G 8786 ( 130 x 130cm )


Credo side panel 140 cm.
جانب لبانيو كريدو140 سم

Credo 135 cm side Panel
جانب لبانيو كريدو 135سم

Credo side panel for all Credo models.
جانب لبانيو كريدو جميع المقاسات

GA 396


GA 395

G 8739

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