Media Plus (NEW)

Media Plus (NEW)

Whether you desire a contemporary look or a modern and stylish touch, Media PlusTM free standing bathtub will be a unique piece in your bathroom. Available in one dimension and accompanied with the surrounding panel, is a perfect solution for relaxation and comfort.
Media Plus 175 x 80 cm with full panel
one piece and 2 new sizes 180 x 90 cm
and 190 x 100 cm.



Media Plus (NEW)
GA730 180×90 w.panel one piece
٩٠ بالجانب قطعه واحده x ١٨٠
GA731 190×100 w.panel one piece
١٠٠ بالجانب قطعه واحده x ١٩٠
GA453 175×80 w.panel one piece
٨٠ بالجانب قطعه واحده x ١٧٥

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