In order to meet the ever increasing variety of bathroom installation profiles, Ideal Standard is proud to introduce our Stream™ corner, bathing tub. Finally you can have the luxury feel of a corner, bathing tub even in bathrooms compromised by limited space. Don’t sacrifice your dreams, Ideal Standard always provides the solutions

Note:  Available in whirlpool systems  يتوفر كمساج


Stream bathing tub available in 140 /125/120/115 cm

بانيو ستريم متوفر فى مقاسات 140/125/ 120/115 سم

Stream side panel for all Stream models.
جانب لبانيو ستريم جميع المقاسات

G 8813 (140×140) cm
G 8844 (125×125) cm
G 8802 (120×120) cm
G 8898 (115×115) cm

G 8804

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