Ulysse bathtub is completed by the new range of acrylic bathtubs.
Elegant and stylish, Ulysse turns the dream of a modern bathroom into a living reality.
Perfect, practical design is combined with high-quality materials to create a true experience.


Ulysse 170 x 70 x 35 35 X 70 X 170 اوليس
Ulysse 150 x 70 x 35 35 X 70 X 150 اوليس

GA 452
GA 451


170 cm side panel. جانب 170سم
150 cm side panel. جانب 150سم
Right or Left 70 cm small end panel. جانب صغير يمين او شمال 70سم

G 8694
G 8757
G 8570

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