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B4 you change


Changing a Suite

Before deciding on changing your bathroom, consider whether your changes include moving your toilet. As you will see below, fixing a toilet in a different place may not be straightforward and could prove costly.

Q. I want to change my bathroom suite, but I want to put the new toilet in a different place, is that possible.

A. It is possible to fix a toilet in any position in the bathroom, but there are some considerations that will make moving the toilet to another place less expensive. The first consideration Is the position of the toilet in relation to the existing Soil Vent Pipe (SVP).

Designer Caroline Bezemer explains: “When the house is first built the SVP will be just beside the toilet you won’t see it because it will be boxed in. In older houses the SVP was an external pipe which can be seen outside the building.”

Caroline went on to explain that for ease of installation, and thus a lower installation cost, keeping the toilet near the SVP and/or on an outside wall was still norm. However, you do not have to do so, toilets come in a number of configurations, as well as the typical floor standing, toilets are available in back to wall format, with rear or below outlet.

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